Ballard Design's How to Decorate Podcast: Episode 58

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What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • Why a large enough rug is crucial for a well balanced feel within a room

  • Kevin’s fondness for antique and vintage pieces that have a story to tell and that add texture and warmth to the room

  • Why Kevin would never do away with accessories and little trinkets that we pick up along the way of experiences and travel

  • The little accessories that push home design from “nice” to the “wow” factor

  • Why even the ugliest of chairs have the possibility to be beautiful

  • How Kevin got into design, playing around with the late 80’s trends of color blocking

  • How a background in business and business management helps set you up for running a successful career in interior design. Kevin combined the desire from his parents for him to get a business background, and his own love of architecture and design

  • The difference of furnishing vs decorating a home

  • Kevin’s cross country adventure from San Francisco to New York in 2001

  • Kevin’s house in Nantucket recently featured in House Beautiful, and how he maintained the basic structure in the house while completely changing the decor

  • Facts on Nantucket’s global industry that inspired Kevin’s choices when picking decor and accents

  • How he combines his old-soul and craftsman mentality with modern day social media. Kevin’s time lapse videos on Instagram are works of art themselves, and give another personal touch to his projects.

  • How Kevin revamped a timeless Greenwich, Connecticut home, and made it approachable and livable with the beauty of a showhome

  • The balance of high, low and knowing when to invest compared to when to hold back and save money

  • Kevin’s use of strong color in a subtle ways and how he mixes several colors in one room, and how Kevin changes color usage depending on geographic location and setting

  • The real commitment needed to really go all in on a pop of color, and why accent rooms shouldn’t be just one colorful piece in a neutral room

  • Kevin’s choice of Ballard’s Original Office Collection for his workspace

Ballard’s Original Office Collection  in Kevin's NYC design studio's workspace

Ballard’s Original Office Collection in Kevin's NYC design studio's workspace