Kevin is thoughtful and comprehensive in his approach to design - he is an artist, but comes prepared. He is always thinking one step ahead and is passionately focused on getting it right.


It’s not one piece of furniture or color palette that makes a room come alive; it’s the vibration between the pieces along with textures and layers that tells its story.  I believe in the importance of engaging in every detail from conception to completion. Bringing my experience, resources, and partnerships with premier craftspeople and vintage dealers around the globe to source and/or create original pieces for my clients to help translate who they are and how they want to feel in their home.



I take a highly personalized and collaborative approach to each project, immersing my heart and soul.  As a result, I bring authenticity and meaning to all of my clients' homes.  During the design process, I hand sketch each space of the home to bring it to life. While I rely on technology, utilizing artistry to mold and shape a space is important to me.  In the selection of furniture, art, and decorative objects I practice a ‘hunt-and-gather’ approach where each discovery informs the next.



I obsess over the details.  Those little things that make a room feel nuanced and complete.  Most often the unsung heroes of a room, as they rarely take center stage, the thoughtful details such as a vintage tape trim on an upholstered chair, or a contrast welt on seat cushion adds gravitas and depth to a space. These are the things that the eye discovers over time and make your home stand out from all the others. In art history it is known as ‘the second read’ meaning details which aren’t obvious at first glance become more obvious as you study the piece.  This is what I strive for in all of my work.   The little details may not be what you notice walking into a room, but they are definitely the things you remember when you exit.

Charred Corn Salad with Creamy Lime Dressing